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Everything You Need to Know About Word Counter Tools

Word counters help you check the number of words that appear in your document, blog post, or email. 

If you are an editor or writer, checking the number of words in a document helps you identify unnecessary repetition and streamline your writing. 

Word counters allow you to check how many words you have written in your document and give it an exact count. This article focuses on a word counter and how it can be helpful for writers, editors, and digital marketers. 

After this article, you will understand everything about word counters, their uses, benefits, and types. Keep reading to know more.


What Is Word Counter?

Word counters help you identify repetitions and unnecessary words in your writing or the overall words written in a document. 

It counts the words you have used in your document or blog post. Word counters can also check the number of characters and paragraphs in your document, which is useful if you want to avoid exceeding some character limits. 

For example, if you are an author or editor, you can check how many words, characters, or paragraphs have appeared in your document to overwrite. 

Word counters can also analyze the length of words and give you an exact count of how many characters with spaces have been used for each word.


How to Use word counter by MiniTools.me step by step?

To do this,

  1. Just open the "word counter" tool.
  2. Paste your "content" in the given area.
  3. Then, click the "count" button.
  4. Boom! Now you can see the result of your documents.


What are the features of word counters?

These are some significant features of word counters:

  1. Counts the number of words used.
  2. Shows the length of each word.
  3. Shows the total length of the document paragraphs.
  4. Counts the characters in each word.
  5. Shows a graph of a specific word or phrase.
  6. Shows a chart of the number of occurrences for each word.
  7. Shows the total number of characters with spaces in the document.


The best tool for counting words in a document

Here are the best word counters for writers, editors, and bloggers. The below-mentioned tool will show you how to use them to count the number of words, length, and characters in your content. 

MiniTools Word Counter: This word counter enables you to check the number of words, the number of characters, the number of characters with space, and the number of paragraphs in a document. 


Types of Word Counters

Free Word Counters: There are many free word counters for writers and editors, which you can find on the internet. Some of the popular ones are WordCounter, WordCounter Online, Worp, and Google Docs Syntax Highlighter. 


Paid Word Counters: Many paid word counters are reliable and accurate. Some of the popular paid word counters are Word SHOUT, WordCounter+ for Microsoft Word, Google Word Counter, WordCounter Plus, Merriam-Webster Dictionary Word Counter, Grammarly, and WordFinder.


Advantages of word counter

Word counters are helpful for all types of writers and editors. They enable you to check the number of unique words in your document, the graph of a specific word, and the total number of words. 

You can also track the progress of your writing and see the number of words, characters, and percentage of each.



Word counters help you check the number of unique words in your document, blog post, or email. They also check the length of each word, the graph of a specific word, and the total number of words.


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