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How To Convert JPG to PNG: The Easy Way

Digital photography has taken over the world, and for a good reason. It's convenient, it's accessible, and it looks great! You may not be aware of a few drawbacks to digital photography. 

One of the biggest drawbacks to digital photography is the loss of image quality when you upload your photo to social media sites or share it with family and friends. 

You should try converting your JPG to PNG to keep your images looking great. The good news is that converting JPG to PNG is easier than you think without needing any third-party software! 

And since this article covers converting JPG to PNG, you can do so even if you don't have a technical background! Let's go through it in detail, so you know exactly how to convert JPG to PNG easily. 


What is a JPG?

JPG/JPEG or Joint Photographic Experts Group is a standardized image format that is most often used to make digital photos. 

It is a common format utilized in digital cameras and the web. It is efficiently compressed to reduce the file size of an image while retaining a high level of image quality. 

The "G" in JPEG stands for "GIF," which is the mnemonic for the format. 

It was developed in 1988 by a consortium called "Compuserve Graphics File" as a way to compress graphics like line drawings and photographs. 

Meanwhile, the JPEG format is most often used for photographs because of its high compression ratio.


What is PNG?

PNG is an image format that utilizes lossless compression to keep images. It is a popular format used on the Internet because it can be rescaled without losing quality. 

Unlike JPG, which uses 8-bit color depth, PNG uses full 24-bit color depth. So, it has a different color depth than JPG to allow for a wider variety of color palettes. 

The "P" in PNG stands for "progressive," which means that PNGs are created progressively. This means that the original image is stored on the server, then a thumbnail version is sent over the network. 

So, a progressively larger version is sent until the full-size image is sent. This means there is no need to store the full image on the server, saving bandwidth and processing time.


How to convert JPG to PNG step by step by

To do this,

  1. Open the "JPG to PNG" tool.
  2. Click on the "choose file."
  3. Choose your "JPG file" from your PC.
  4. Then, click "open" or "upload the file."
  5. And click on the "convert button."
  6. Boom!💥 Now, your PNG file is ready.
  7. Now click on the "download file button."
  8. Select a place on your computer and store your PNG file.


Best tools for converting JPG to PNG

There are many best JPG to PNG conversion tools online, but not all of them are legitimate. So, we recommend using the JPG to PNG converter tool, which is reliable and easy to use. 

You can convert JPG to PNG with this tool with a single click, and you can also save the PNG images to your computer with a single click. 


How to convert JPG to PNG online?

Many online tools let you easily convert JPG to PNG online. These online conversion services allow you to select the original JPG photos that you want to convert. 

Then you can choose from various online editing tools that let you edit your photos before you convert them. 

Most online editing tools have the "convert to PNG" option. The images that you convert directly to PNG do not lose any of the quality that was in the original JPG photos. 

You can edit the images just like any other image on the web, and then you can save them as PNGs or upload them to social media sites. 

You can also use online conversion tools to convert images to other formats like PDF, GIF, and others.


What is the purpose of JPG to PNG Conversion? 

JPEG files are commonly used on the Internet, but they are lossy and compressed, so they look good when you first upload them, but they look bad when you view them in small sizes. 

If you upload a JPEG image to social media sites, it will look fuzzy and pixelated

On the other hand, PNG files are lossless and are not compressed, so they save on bandwidth and look good when you upload them, even in small sizes. And this is the major reason for converting JPG to PNG.


Does it affect the image quality if you convert JPG to PNG?

Yes and No. 

Depending on your editing skills, you may not notice the difference in quality between the JPG and PNG images. 

And you won't notice the distinction if you don't edit the image. But, if you edit the images, you will notice the difference in quality between the JPG and PNG images. 



Converting JPG to PNG is easier than you think, and once you learn the process, you can easily convert your JPG to PNG. You can easily use many online JPG to PNG converters to convert JPG to PNG. 


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