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How To Convert ODT to PDF - The Easiest Way 

ODT and PDF are two different file formats that are used by Office applications to store documents in a consistent way. 

These file formats are not compatible with each other, which means you cannot directly convert one document type into the other. 

In this article, we will guide you on converting ODT to PDF with the easiest method possible.


What is an ODT file?

ODT stands for "Open and Edit," which means that you can open and edit the contents of that file right away with the help of an ODT file. 

However, you cannot directly convert ODT files to any other document types. An ODT file is a particular type of Microsoft Office document that is specifically designed for sharing, editing, and printing. 

ODT files are usually smaller in size than other types of Microsoft Office documents, especially when compared to the Word file format. 

As the name suggests, you can open an ODT file with the help of an "ODT Viewer" app, which can be found on the Windows Start Menu or on the Start screen. 

Once you open an ODT file, you will be able to view the document contents, make changes, and save them back to the file.


What is ODT to PDF converter? 

An ODT to PDF converter is software that can convert ODT to PDF files. The best part about this converter is that you do not have to know how to use it. 

You must open the application, select the ODT file, and choose the desired PDF format. The ODT to PDF converter lets you pick the desired language, paper size, and other formatting options. 

Once you do it, you can save the PDF file easily. Therefore, this ODT to PDF converter is very convenient as you do not have to know the technical details of it. 

Several ODT to PDF converters are available online, with different features and functionalities. The best part is that you can pick the one you like the most. 


How to convert ODT to PDF Step by Step by

To do this,

  1. Just open the "ODT to PDF" tool.
  2. Click on "choose file." 
  3. Select your "ODT file" from your computer.
  4. Then, click "open" or "upload the file."
  5. After that, you can click on the "convert button."
  6. Boom!💥 Now your PDF file is ready.
  7. Now click just on the "download file button."
  8. Select a place on your computer and save your PDF file. 


How to convert ODT to PDF?

The ODT to PDF converter is very useful for converting ODT files to PDF files. You only have to select the ODT file in the application, pick the PDF format, and hit the "Convert" button. 

Now, you can save the PDF file from the computer and view it on any computer or device. 

Therefore, you can efficiently convert ODT to PDF files using this converter. This converter's only negative aspect is that it can't convert DocX and Office 365 files.


What is the best tool to convert ODT to PDF?

There are many ODT to PDF converter tools available online. However, we recommend using the MiniTools ODT to PDF converter, which is free forever. 

You can easily convert ODT files with this tool, as it supports an extensive range of formats and lets you pick the desired PDF format. When it comes to converting ODT files to PDF, this tool is the best. 


How to convert ODT to PDF online?

The "ODT to PDF converter" tool is available for free download. You can easily convert ODT files to PDF files with the help of this tool. 

However, we recommend using this tool if you don't have other software lodged on your computer. 

This tool lets you pick the desired PDF format and also enables you to choose the desired output file name, date, and other settings. 

Once you have finished it, you can switch the "Convert" button and save the converted ODT to a PDF file.


How do I open an ODT file?

The ODT file is not a program or an app itself. It is just a special kind of Microsoft Office file that can be opened using the ODT Viewer app. 

You can open the ODT file right after downloading the ODT to the PDF converter. Now, open the ODT file using the ODT Viewer app and enable the "Open in an app" option. 

So this way, you can open the ODT file with the help of the ODT Viewer app. However, you also can double-click on the document icon from the desktop.


Can you print ODT files?

Yes, you can print the ODT files once you have converted them to PDF files. Now, open the PDF file with ODT contents and print it from any computer or device with a print option.


What are the benefits of ODT to PDF converting?

One of the best things about this ODT to PDF converter is that you do not have to know any technical details about it. 

You can efficiently convert ODT files to PDF files with the aid of this application. 

The best part is that you can save the converted PDF file to Google Drive, Dropbox, or any other cloud storage service. 



Office documents are the most commonly used type of document in the world. An Office suite consists of various Word, Excel, and Powerpoint applications. 

However, not all of these apps support the same file format. For example, the Excel file format is supported only by Microsoft Office, while many different software companies support PowerPoint. 

However, a workaround exists to use the same file format across different office apps. We hope this article helped you learn how to convert ODT to PDF with the easiest and the best method possible.

If you follow these steps, you can easily convert ODT files to PDF files and save them on your computer or device. 


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