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How To Convert SRT To VTT File?

Specially designed software like Video Converter is needed to convert SRT files so they can be played in your VTT software. You need to have a VTT player if you want to play your SRT files. 

To play an SRT file, you will need an SRT player, and an SRT player is something that you don't have by default. 

Your PC will not have this software by default, but installing one from the Google Play Store is quite simple. If you wish to quickly add an SRT player to your PC so you can play some of your favourite subtitles, read on! 

Converting an SRT into a VTT file is easy. In this article, we will guide you through the process of converting an SRT into a VTT file. 


What are SRT files?

SRT files are the most common subtitle format used in the video streaming industry. These subtitle files contain subtitles that come along with a video presentation. 

They can be played on software like VLC, TMPGenc, MXF, etc. Specially designed software like Subtitle Editor is needed to convert SRT subtitles into Otros format files so that they can be played in your VTT software. 


What are VTT files?

A virtual tabletop (VTT) is software that helps players to play tabletop role-playing games using a digital tablet or computer. 

The VTT software lets players organize and create maps, tokens, and other visual elements for their games. 

It can be used to play tabletop role-playing games like Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, Shadowrun, or any other game or simulation that uses a tabletop. 

It also has a virtual tabletop feature that allows players to visualize the game board and move characters around it. 


How to Use SRT to VTT converter by step by step?

To do this,

  1. Just open the "SRT to VTT" tool.
  2. Click on "choose file."
  3. Select your SRT file from your computer.
  4. Then, click "open" or "upload the file."
  5. After that, click on the "convert" button.
  6. Boom! Now your VTT format is ready.
  7. Now click on the "download file button."
  8. Choose a location on your computer and save it.


Advantages of SRT to VTT converting tool

  1. SRT to VTT converter is a free and easy-to-use tool for SRT to VTT conversion. 
  2. You can watch SRT files on your VTT software or transfer them to your VTT player to watch them on your device.
  3. It can easily convert SRT files to VTT format. 
  4. No need to install any software or plugin on your device to convert SRT files to VTT format. 
  5. SRT to VTT tool also lets you preview an SRT file before converting it.



1: What is the difference between an SRT file and an SRT to VTT converter? 

1: An SRT file is a subtitle file that comes with a video presentation to play on your computer. An SRT to VTT converter is a tool that helps you to convert SRT files to VTT format. 


2: Does SRT to VTT converter support batch conversion? 

2: Yes, it does. You can convert multiple SRT files at one time. 


3: What is the best tool for SRT to VTT conversion? 

3: SRT to VTT converter is the best option to convert SRT files to VTT files. If you are looking for an easy-to-use SRT to VTT tool that can easily convert SRT files to VTT format, then you can try this converter.



Nowadays, it is very common to watch videos online. So, everyone needs to have a good video player. 

Fortunately, many VTT players are available in the market to play your favourite videos. 

However, playing all types of videos without a good VTT player is impossible. 

So, you can simply play SRT files on your VTT software or transfer SRT files to your VTT player to watch them on your device.


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