GST Calculator

GST Calculator: Know How Much GST You Have to Pay

Goods that are sold, including all items of your business or personal life, must be registered with the Central Goods & Services Tax (GST) database and be charged applicable taxes. 

If you are a casual trader, an e-tailer, or an individual running a small shop who is selling goods to your friends and family, you will not be required to register for this tax. 

All these sellers have to charge the appropriate tax as per their sales turnover. 

Read on to know more about the GST rate and how much you need to pay as a seller.


What is GST?

It is a tax charged on goods and services. It would be one, if not the only, tax system implemented through a single inter-state electronic tax platform. 

It aims to create a common market for goods and services so that one can purchase any goods or avail of any service in any part of the country without being discriminated against on the basis of their region. 

The GST Council is the apex body that decides rates and taxes that are applicable across different states. 

This tax aims to create one common market for goods and services by removing the barriers created by varied taxes between the states.


How to Calculate GST?

Most online GST Calculators work the same way as regular calculator does. 

You have to enter the details of your products, the price you have charged, and the quantity of the products you have sold and then press the calculate button. 

The calculator will then calculate the tax amount that you have to pay on your sales. 

After you enter the required details and press the calculate button, the calculator will provide you with the GST rate and the tax amount for your sales. 

This method is applicable to both online and offline traders. You can utilize this process for calculating the GST on your goods and services.


How to Use GST Calculator by step by step?

To do this,

  1. Just open the "GST Calculator" tool.
  2. Choose if the item is "GST Exclusive" or "GST Inclusive".
  3. Write the "Amount" and "GST Rate"  in their specific area.
  4. Then, click the "Calculate" button.
  5. Boom! Now you can see the result.
  6. And if you don't know how to use it, click on the "Sample" button and then the "Calculate" button. 


What is the price of GST?

GST is charged on the price of goods and services at the composition rate. 

The composition of GST is decided by the GST Council, which means it is one of the most stable and predictable taxes. The rates of GST in India vary from 6% to 18%. 

When you buy or sell goods or services, you have to charge the applicable tax on the price of these goods or services. If you charge less tax, you can be penalized for evasion.


The best tool for GST Calculation

The GST Calculator is a very useful tool for calculating the tax on your sales. The calculator is online and can be utilized online. 

You only have to enter the necessary information, and the calculator will display the tax amount you have to pay on your sales. 



The GST calculator is a useful tool that can help you calculate the tax amount you have to pay on your goods or services. 

It is easy to use, and you just have to enter the required details and then press the calculate button. 

You can use a GST calculator both online and offline, and you don't have to worry about the accuracy of the tax amount as the government calculates it. 

There are many GST Calculator tools, but we recommend using MiniTools GST Calculator because it has a friendly user interface and is very easy to use. 


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