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PowerPoint to PDF

What is PowerPoint to PDF?

PowerPoint to PDF is a tool that lets you convert your PowerPoint presentation into a PDF file.

This is a good option if you want to show your presentation to someone who does not have PowerPoint installed on their computer or if you'd like to make sure that it looks the same on every computer.


How to convert PowerPoint to PDF?

The easiest way to convert your PowerPoint presentation to PDF is to use the "online web tools" to convert PowerPoint into PDF easily.

But, the question is how to find such online tools to convert PowerPoint to PDF for free, while all the tools are paid or need a premium subscription.

Well yeah, there are lots of paid tools out there, but by using, you can convert any PowerPoint files to PDF for free and easily with just a few clicks.


How to convert PowerPoint to PDF Step by Step by

To do this,

  1. Open the PowerPoint to PDF tool.
  2. Click on "choose file."
  3. Select your PowerPoint file from your computer.
  4. Then, click "open" or "upload the file."
  5. After that, click on the "convert button."
  6. Boom! Now your PDF file is ready.
  7. Now click on the "download file button."
  8. Choose a location on your computer and save the PDF file.


Why do you need to convert PowerPoint to PDF?

There are several reasons and causes why you might need to convert a PowerPoint presentation file to a PDF file.

Perhaps you want to email the presentation to someone who doesn't have PowerPoint installed on their computer, or maybe you'd like to post it online so that people can see it even if they don't have PowerPoint.

Whatever the reason may be, converting a PowerPoint file to a PDF file is a relatively simple process.


Why is it important to convert PowerPoint to PDF?

There are several reasons why it is important to convert PowerPoint to PDF. First, PDFs are more universally compatible than PowerPoint files.

This means that they can be viewed on a broader range of mobile or computer devices and platforms.

Additionally, PDFs are generally smaller in size than PowerPoint files, making them easier to store and share.

Finally, PDFs are more secure than PowerPoint files, as they cannot be easily edited or altered.


Will images and fonts in my deck stay the same when I convert from PPT to PDF?

Yes, your images and fonts will remain the same when you convert your PowerPoint deck to PDF. 

This is because PDFs are vector-based, meaning you can always resize a PDF file without losing its quality.

So, if you need to make any changes to your presentation after converting it to PDF, simply open up the file in your preferred PDF editor and make the necessary changes. Easy peasy!


What operating systems can you use to convert PPT to PDF?

You can have or use any operating system to convert PowerPoint to PDF.

All you need is a PDF converter, or you can use online tools like and the PowerPoint file that you want to convert. 

Once you have both of these, the conversion process is relatively simple.

Some certain steps may vary just depending on which PDF converter you use. 

However, in general, you should be able to open the PowerPoint file in the converter program and then select PDF as the output format.

The converter will then create a PDF version of your PowerPoint presentation. You can save this PDF file to any location on your computer.


What are the benefits of converting PowerPoint to PDF?

The benefits of converting PowerPoint to PDF are that it can help you:

Secure your original content

Once you convert your PowerPoint presentation to PDF, the original content in your presentation is protected and cannot be altered.


Ensure that your formatting will stay intact

By converting to PDF, you can be sure that your presentation's fonts, colours, and layout will stay exactly as you intended.


Make your presentation more accessible

PDFs can be viewed on any device, making it easy for anyone to access your presentation, even if they don't have PowerPoint installed.


Save storage space

PDF files are typically smaller than their PowerPoint counterparts, so converting to PDF can help save valuable storage space.


Prepare your presentation for printing

PDFs are ideal for printing, as they maintain the quality of your original presentation.

Converting PowerPoint to PDF has several benefits that can help you ensure that your presentation looks its best and is easy to access and share.

Remember these benefits the next time you need to convert a PowerPoint presentation to PDF. 


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