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Image Converter: How to convert an image to different formats

You will need to use an image converter to convert an image from one format to another. There are many online converters to choose from, most of which will be free. 

However, all of them are not equally good. For example, some might offer a faster conversion rate, while others may have better user interfaces. 

This article shows how to convert images using an image converter. 


What is an image converter?

When you want to share an image with someone, you will need to convert it from one format to another. For example, you want to send someone a photo from your phone. 

If your friend uses an Android phone, you can easily share the image as an attachment. But what if your friend uses an iPhone? You can easily change the image format and then send it to your friend. 

As well as, if you are an online internet user, you may have seen many platforms that allow some formats of images for different features/options. So, you have to change image formats for every platform separately and constantly, and this is where you need an image converter.

However, for sharing, you can use numerous different picture formats to share images. The most popular is the JPEG format, which is supported by more than 90% of all image viewers. 

However, you can also share images in formats like PNG, GIF, and BMP, which different image viewers use. So, our goal is to provide you with knowledge about all types of image formats so that you can easily manage them. 


How to convert an image to different formats Step by Step by Minitools.me?

To do this,

  1. Open the "Image Converter" tool.
  2. "Drag and Drop" your image in the given area or "choose an image" from your file.
  3. Select a new format from the box.
  4. after that, click the "convert image."
  5. Boom!💥 your "image" is ready.
  6. Now click on the "download button."
  7. Select a location on your PC and save your image. 


What is the best image converter?

When you want to convert images from one format to another, you will see many different programs for this purpose. 

However, it is necessary to learn that not all image converters are created equal. Some are slow, some are difficult to use, and some present better outcomes than others. 

That is why we have taken the time to find the best image converter, and that is the MiniTools image converter tool. This tool is not only fast but easy to use as well. 


How to use an image converter?

There is no specific method for using an image converter. However, we can give you some general advice that will help you get started. 

First, you will need to find an image converter that you can use. Once you have chosen an image converter, you will want to open the site and find the program that works best for you. 

It is essential that you find a program that you can easily use. Some image converters have complicated interfaces that make them difficult to use.


What is an Image to JPG conversion?

While there are many image formats, there is one that is the most common and supported by most image viewers, JPG

This is the format that is used for pictures that do not have a great deal of data. On the other hand, images that have a great deal of data are converted to the PNG format. 

When converting an image to JPG format, you should consider the original quality of the image. If the image is of low quality, it won't be easy to convert the image to a format that most image viewers support.


What is an Image to PNG conversion?

PNG stands for "portable network graphics," and all image viewers support this image format. 

This means that when you convert an image to PNG format, it will look exactly the same on an iPhone, an Android device, a Windows computer, and a Mac computer. 

PNG is used for images with a large amount of color. Because the format does not support layers, the colors will stay exactly the same when the image is zoomed in or zoomed out.


What is an image-to-GIF conversion?

GIF stands for "Graphics Interchange Format," and this image format displays animations. 

This format can be created from PNG, which means that you can create animations by converting a PNG image to a GIF format. 

If you want to create GIFs, you will need to convert your images to this format. As well as, all image viewers support GIFs, so you can easily create GIFs from images and then share them online.


What is an image-to-BMP conversion?

BMP stands for "bitmap," and this format is the least supported of all image formats. 

This means that the images that are converted to this format will look exactly the same in all image viewers. Because BMP images are so simple, they will often have a lower resolution than other image formats. 

This means that when you convert an image to BMP, it will look blurry unless you zoom in to a great degree.


What is an image to WEBP conversion?

WEBP stands for "web image format," and all web browsers support this format. 

This means that when you convert an image to WEBP, the image will look exactly the same everywhere, even on a device that does not support images. 

WEBP images are vector images, meaning that they use a mathematical formula to create the image instead of pixels. This makes the images much more detailed and crisp than images created with BMP.



Image converters are important tools that can be utilized to modify the format of a picture. 

This is useful because not all image viewers support all image formats. With this in mind, you will be able to change your image format to ensure it is displayed correctly. 

Now that you know what an image converter is and how to use one, you can use them to convert images from one format to another. 

When choosing an image converter tool, make sure it is fast, supports the format you want to use, and is easy to use, like the MiniTools Image Converter tool. 


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